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MiHug (Black)
MiHug (Black)
MiHug (Black)

MiHug (Black)

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MiHug Carry Kool, is the perfect where anywhere accessory for your NuroKor Handheld MiTouch.

When you're not wearing your NuroKor, you can use it for your smartphone.

- Comes with MiHug holder

- Clip carabiner

- Woven lanyard


Tough, durable silicone rubber, stretches and reverts back to its original shape.

So when it’s stretched to fit around the top and bottom of your NuroKor device or smartphone it grips tightly and helps to protect from loss, accidental damage and theft. Can be attached to a lanyard or any coupling device.


Designed and developed in the UK - registered design number 4034595. EU RCD 002503920 All design and trademarks of MiHug are owned by Dandelion Head Ltd 

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