KorGlov Treatment Gloves

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Works seamlessly with your NuroKor BodySystem device for enhanced pain relief,  treatment and conditioning

Harness the power of KorGlov

  • Hand and wrist pain
  • Musculoskeletal  problems
  • Physical therapy for functional movement
  • Recovery from surgery, trauma or injury
  • Sports injury, arthritic pain or wear and tear
  • Arm pump and grip strength conditioning

Lightweight,  packs small . Ideal for home, sport, work and  travel

silver thread weave

KorGlov is  designed to work seamlessly with NuroKor BodySystem devices to help ease pain, enhance strength and  improve function of the entire hand and wrist.


1 Pair  NuroKor KorGlov  


NuroKor BodySystem  biomedical devices have been shown to  improve muscle strength and recovery, improve circulation and relieve pain.

KorGlov  is woven with silver thread  to ensure complete bio conductivity and made from a lightweight, stretch comfort material to fit hands of most sizes.

Always use products as directed and  read the Instructions, user guides and follow  treatment recommendation. If your symptoms persist see your doctor or health professional.