NuroKor Australia

Putting the power of health into your hands

Bradley Warner

Managing Director

NuroKor Australia is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand National Distributor of the Nurokor BioMedical Life Series, an innovative and groundbreaking health technology range.

We are a family business, proudly owned and operated by Bradley and Belinda Warner and based out of Melbourne, Victoria.

We are hands-on experienced specialists in portable bioelectrical devices which assist with physical therapy and pain relief to bring transformational improvement to quality of life.

We’ve been working in the medical device space for the last 6 years, and have been involved in national distribution in Australia through direct, online and event channels.

During this time we have personally helped thousands of people suffering from a range of issues including shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, arthritis, sore and aching feet and common sporting injuries.

Belinda Warner

Partner, Business Strategist

NuroKor BioMedical

Rick Rowan

CEO, Founder


We Work closely with the NuroKor BioMedical team comprised of medical & science, research & development, the advisory board as well as CEO-Founder, RIck Rowan. Rick is a healthcare disruptor, entrepreneur, innovator & facilitator.

He is the creator behind the world’s first ultra wearable dual treatment device; the tech version of a painkiller and anti-inflammatory combined.

Rick personally overcame a 20 year battle with chronic pain using bioelectrical technology. His belief in its potential to transform lives drives development of this centuries-old medicine, using technology and best available medical evidence.

With a healthcare vision to instil positive change and improve quality of life for consumers, Rick is considered a thought leader in the field. He has been celebrated by publications such as Forbes, who have featured his biotech among “The best healthcare gadgets and gizmos of 2018”.

What We Achieve Together

Premium Quality

Innovative Solutions

Results First

We believe that beautiful design should blend seamlessly with utility and comfortable user experience.

Our devices are expertly engineered and painstakingly designed to not only look good and feel good, but also get the results you’re looking for.

We believe that everything can be done better, and is at the heart of everything we do.

Emerging scientific and medical evidence in the field of electrotherapy informs research and development with the results distilled into our treatment applications.

It’s an evolutionary process of design and redesign to get the best possible outcomes.

We believe bioelectrical technology is a proven and viable solution for the relief of pain and physical therapy.

However we want to make sure you get results.

If your experience doesn’t meet up to your expectations, you have a 30-day money back guarantee.


The latest generation of portable physical therapy devices