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Todd Liubinskas Shares How NuroKor Supports His Training & Recovery

Todd Liubinskas has worked with clients to improve their health for the past 17 years. A personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, the former first grade rugby player has worked at an elite level training the likes of The Wallabies, NZ Rugby League team, Aussie 7s, and a number of high-profile personalities. Todd, who is a gym owner, director of The 440 Run Club and founder of Feel Fit in 4 Weeks, has an innate ability to connect with people from all levels of fitness and ages. He has also formulated programs for a number of corporations including Westpac, Unmind (UK), Toyota, and Porsche.

Todd's next big goal is to run for 24 hours in a team of 6 for the 1440 race. My training is revolving around this event, and ensuring my body is injury free. Nurokor is helping my recovery in a big way, I use the device every second night to ensure I'm ready for my next big session.

NuroKor will be sponsoring the 1440 24 hour running event which is due to take place 4th March 2022 along the iconic Bondi waterfront.