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Runner Rich Coles' solution for for knee injury UK - NuroKor BioElectronics mitouch

A wonderful product review for mitouch device from Rich Coles, Chairman of Gade Valley Harriers running club (UK). Rich runs at a competitive club level with a marathon PB of 2:45 (aged 45). 


Rich Coles: Hi, my name's Rich Coles and I just wanted to do a quick video to say how much the NuroKor mitouch has helped me with an injury I sustained whilst training for the London Marathon. So I currently can't run and I've been off running for about 8-9 weeks. After I had my injury I was really struggling with walking and so I got a NuroKor mitouch and it made such a massive difference to my ability to walk and it got me, as you can see, I'm out walking my dog at the moment in the country, there he goes, and I was unable to take my dog for a walk, I was unable to get out, I've been in significant pain. Through the NuroKor mitouch it's made such a difference to me being able to get out and walk and move again, and really been accelerating my recovery - I mean I'm probably going to need some surgery, but what it's meant is whilst waiting for surgery on the knee I can actually get out and go for a decent walk. Last week I was on holiday with my son, we spent 48 hours in Paris and I could not have done that trip without the NuroKor mitouch. So I had it strapped to my leg, the convenience of it is amazing. I've got it in my hand at the moment, I'm actually strapped up because after half an hours walking I'm in quite a bit of pain so by having this it enables me to just keep moving, keep going and I've never had anything like this in my life. Otherwise I would have been resorting to having pain relief tablets which I'd rather avoid. This means I can get out and about and lead still an active lifestyle. My two days in Paris I was in significant pain, without the mitouch I would not have been able to continue as I did and spend that time with my son travelling around Paris. 

Rich Coles: So I just really want to say, for anyone who's looked or thought about this machine it is absolutely brilliant. It has made such a difference to me and I can't recommend it enough to anyone. Thank you.