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Lower back pain has been identified as a leading cause of disability globally



Lower back pain has been identified as a leading cause of disability globally. It affects 540 million people and is made worse by mistreatment habits. Some of these mistreatments include injections and medical advice that patients should take time off work and rest when all the evidence points to staying active as the best practice. Besides, staying active reduces the negative economic and emotional impact on patients. I recently read a report in the Independent that mentioned that "The majority of cases of lower back pain respond to simple physical therapies that keep people active and enable them to stay at work."  As a healthcare entrepreneur and a 30 year plus back pain sufferer, I have found across the globe there is inappropriately high use of painkillers, injections, surgery and doctors advising people to rest. Doing more of the same will not reduce lower back pain disability or it's long term consequences, which is why I was so driven to pursue the use of electroceuticals as a viable alternative. I've learned so much about it and am convinced there is potential to help so many individuals and companies avoid the problems associated with lower back pain. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing more of my findings about the use of bioelectronics in pain management with you. 

In the meantime I'd be interested to hear if you or your team's productivity has been affected by back pain.