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How long have we been using electricity for therapeutic purposes?


Transcript below:

"Whether by intuition or by accidental discovery, the use of bioelectrical stimulation to treat pain and medical disorders goes way back in human history. It is fascinating how consistently and for how long people have been using electricity for therapeutic purposes.

In this two-part series I will touch on that history and other aspects of peripheral nerve stimulation, microcurrent and neuromuscular stimulation. The main purpose of this video is to give you an overview of how much bioelectrical medicine, historically, has been a part of mainstream medical practice. And I will give you some insight into why it will be a big part of our future.

Around 2500 BC amazingly, stone carvings from the Egyptian Fifth Dynasty show a Torpedo, which is an electric fish rather like electric eels, being used to treat pain. The fish is capable of producing powerful electrical shocks. Egyptians used these shocks to relieve pain by placing the fish on painful regions of the body.

Ancient Rome showed similar use of torpedoes. In 1600 Queen Elizabeth 1st's physician explored the use of electrical charges in medicine. In the 18th Century, man-made electricity meant real progress and electrotherapy began.

As you can see, all of this medical development happened even before we had man-made electricity. In a future video I'm going to tell you what happened next."