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How bioelectronics can help support us through the ageing process


 Transcript below: 

"Hi, I'm Rick Rowan a healthcare entrepreneur. In this episode I want to talk about ageing population. Whilst nearly all adults can receive multiple benefits from electrotherapy, there are a number of particular advantages that can be gained by the older members of our population from each bioelectrical treatment modality. Microcurrent stimulation is particularly good for ageing bodies as it is gentle, sub-sensory and very easily tolerated. It can provide an effective tool for mitigating the symptoms of age-related conditions such as arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders. Low intensity peripheral nerve stimulation or PNS can provide a long-term and effective pain management for aches and pains that are synonymous with ageing, all with the convenience of a wearable solution. Neuromuscular stimulation can also be used for the conditioning and activation of muscles without strain, and specifically for the prevention of muscle atrophy which has been well reported in scientific literature. This can be used independently or to augment physical therapies to help those wanting to stay active for longer."