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video story

A day in the life of Marie Claire UK MD Justine Southall - Living with NuroKor Series

In the video Justine shares her daily routine and explains how she optimises use of NuroKor accessories at work and in her personal life.

More information:

Justine most recently held the position of Managing Director of Marie Claire and has 30+ years of experience running multi-platform media brands. She has always been excited by the possibilities of evolution and of creating newness and innovation; both out of legacy businesses, as well as launching new brands. With personal experience of the positive impact of NuroKor technology, Justine is engaged to help drive awareness and realise opportunities as advisory, investor and shareholder. With this in mind and the emerging FemTech bioelectronics device being set to radically change how we take care of women’s and family health, NuroKor is a perfect fit to her vision and energies.