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A day in the life of an Australian Ballerina in Paris - Living with NuroKor Series

Originally from Australia, Madeleine offers us a glimpse into her exciting daily life in Paris and shows the drive, training, dedication, and ambition it takes to pursue and follow her dreams.

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"Dance is an art form. You have to train like an athlete, treat yourself like an athlete, recover like an athlete - but at the same time, what you do at the end of the day is an art.”

Although Madeleine believes her biggest achievements still lie ahead of her, she feels privileged to have had the opportunity to dance with the Duprada Dance Company where she has performed both as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and as Swanhilda in Coppelia.

Madeleine has a keen interest in bioelectrical medicine and feels strongly that the use of natural, holistic methods to help your body recover, heal and perform is vastly underrated in the area of sports medicine. She has found that NuroKor has helped improve her muscle recovery. She has also used the microcurrent therapy setting to assist in healing the tissue damage caused by hip impingement.

This is another beautifully captured short film in our "Day In The Life" series by Somi Arian and her team at SmartCookie media.