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Meet Our Latest NuroKor Ambassador - Triathlete Scott Cadby - Dedicated Athlete, Father & Husband

How did you get into triathlons and why do you love the sport? 

My swim coach when I was 13 urged me to enter a local triathlon as at that time he was aware that I was riding and running a bit on top of doing the swim sessions with him (my parents made me do a lot of swimming when I was a child as we spent a lot of time in the water - surfing, water skiing, etc.). I entered the U17 category of that local triathlon as that was the youngest age-group and managed to win. I won some prizes and prize money and thought how good is this!?! It ended up backfiring on my swim coach as I soon after joined a more advanced swim squad with a coach that specialised in training triathletes. I love the sport for the variety that comes with doing three sports in one and for the community that are super friendly, welcoming and inspiring.

What does your typical day look like? 

A typical day for me during the working week is squeezing in a training session either before and/or after work - I often commute to and from work which doubles as an opportunity to get in some training. If I don't ride to work I do a swim or run session after work as I work across the road from the bay in Melbourne. My work is providing counselling to adolescent males in a catholic school. I race home after work/training as evenings are busy with my two young children (aged 3 and 6). I'm very hands-on with the kids/family as I believe that it is my number one purpose in life to provide for and protect them in every way possible. Weekends are equally as hectic due to the kids/family - I coach my son's football team and transport the kids around to ballet and swim sessions AND play dates which are becoming increasingly more common. Once again on weekends I squeeze training around the family - often requiring me to get it done early in the morning. Every day of the week 'recovery' and relaxation begins once the kids go to bed - this often involves foam rolling and use of the suite of products from NuroKor.

How does your training change leading into a big competition?

My training is quite consistent 52 weeks of the year. I admit that I am obsessive when it comes to my training and that is how it has been for at least 25 years (a day does not feel complete unless I have banked a good training session, for this reason I struggle to give myself 'rest days'). During triathlon season I swim more and do more 'brick sessions' (i.e. running immediately after a bike session to stimulate what happens in a race). I probably run more during winter as often that is when I do more run races and events.

What is your proudest moment?

As cheesy as it sounds my proudest moment is becoming a father - as a child and adolescent my dream was to be a father and have a family of my own so I guess I am 'living my dream'. I also take a lot of pride in making my parents proud. Athletically my proudest moment to date was completing my first Half Ironman Triathlon.

If you weren't an athlete what would you be?

Well I am not just an athlete, I am an adolescent psychotherapist and most importantly a husband and father. I did hope to become a professional athlete when I was growing up and had a scholarship at the Victorian Institute of Sport with a cycling squad being supported for the 2000 and/or 2004 Olympics. But during my VCE and university studies training/racing took a bit of a back seat and that 'ship sailed'.

What injuries have you had and how did/ do they affect you?

Probably the most serious injury I have had is a broken jaw after a cycling accident a few years ago which resulted in the need for surgery. I have also had some minor muscle strains. The injuries have been challenging mostly because it forced me to take a break from my training - I have then experienced almost a loss of identity because without training I don't feel myself.

How does NuroKor help you manage performance, pain & recovery?

I mainly use NuroKor for recovery - at night I connect my KorShoes and KorBand to my mitouch device for 30-40 minutes. I find that that makes a great way to loosen and freshen up my back, feet and legs. I have also used Nurokor to rehab minor muscle strains (my wife even used NuroKor on her badly sprained ankle and was impressed by the results).

Where and when do you use the device?

Nightly on the couch!

What's next for you/ next big goal?

Later in the year I am running my first marathon so I have a number of half marathon events I am signed up for. After my marathon in October my focus will return to the triathlon season over summer.

You can follow Scott’s journey via Instagram