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Can A NuroKor Device Really Ease Back Pain?

It’s a question we hear a lot. And the short answer? Yes NuroKor can relieve back pain. 

Back pain. It’s no secret. Most people (80% of the population!) suffer from it at some point in their lives.

Medications, including pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants were well-known initial treatments for back pain. But, as doctors and long-term pain sufferers soon discovered, the effects of consistent use of many of these substances caused worrying side-effects including health problems, addiction and even death.

So what are our options if we don't want to take pills for back pain? 

Check out these alternative back pain treatment options and find out how NuroKor’s own technology works to relieve lower back pain (lumbar pain) and upper back pain.

Body-Natural Alternatives For Back Pain

There are a number of drug-free back pain treatment options in practice around the globe. Here are some of the most well-known:

  • Acupuncture
  • Heating pads
  • Massage therapy
  • Behavioral pain treatment 
  • Physical therapy
  • Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS
All of these treatments have been known to relieve pain and improve mobility

So what works best? 

Well, a study conducted in a Canadian Hospital tested massage vs PNS for back pain(1). 

Results showed that after both treatments lower back pain decreased and mobility increased. These improvements were significantly greater in the PNS group compared with the massage group.

Further to that, a study at a Hospital looking for alternatives to pain drugs decided to test specific protocols of peripheral nerve stimulation technology (PNS) in their Emergency Department(2).

Results showed that 100% of ED staff found PNS were effective in treating pain for patients. 83% of patients reported functional improvement and 100% of patients would recommend a PNS device to a family or friend! It Should be noted, that specific PNS waveforms and frequencies will elicit specific outcomes. Example formulation required to be most effective for relieving muscle spasm, will be different from nerve pain.

So How Does NuroKor Work to Relieve Back Pain?

NuroKor’s devices really are considered the very latest and greatest devices of their kind.

Rather than just focusing on PNS or a single treatment modality, as many consumer devices do, NuroKor’s KorOS uses advanced forms of PNS and also includes NuroKor’s specially formulated Neuromuscular Stimulation AND Microcurrent technology.

How does Nurokor® PNS work?

  • NuroKor PNS delivers body-natural pain relief that works fast. 
  • Used for all types of chronic and acute pain including upper back and lower back pain.
  • The scientifically formulated bioelectric treatments hit the pain targets. Thus blocking the pain signals travelling in your Central Nervous System and relieving the pain.

How does Nurokor® NMS work?

  • Neuromuscular Stimulation is a physical therapy treatment programmed to relax muscles, improve circulation, speed up the recovery and rehabilitation processes, and improve muscle strength and conditioning.
  • These NMS formulations stimulate the muscles; producing the peptides and proteins needed for healthy body function.

How does Nurokor® MCS work?

  • Microcurrent stimulation stimulates 'body-natural' processes that can help our muscles repair, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve loss of function from muscle damage.
  • MCS can help protein-synthesis and increases ATP production; assisting with long-term relief from pain and encourage healing.

NuroKor Can Provide Back Pain Relief

Try NuroKor free for 30 days and find out for yourself how the MiTouch works to relieve pain. 

Take time to test the different apps and setting options to find the best treatment option for you. If you find it’s not the back pain treatment you need, no worries! Return after 30 days and get your money back. That’s our guarantee to you. 

 Check out these reviews for real world results:

nurokor mitouch results for back pain from customers

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This article does not constitute as medical advice. Always use as directed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the use of your NuroKor device.


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