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Meet 4 x Olympian and NuroKor Ambassador Melissa Wu

Get to know our latest NuroKor ambassador, the truly admirable 4 x Olympian, Melissa Wu. In this Q&A Melissa shares her absolute passion for diving, and explains how NuroKor helps her with training and recovery practices as she prepares to compete in Tokyo imminently.


Meet multi-distance runner and NuroKor ambassador Damian Carr

Get to know our latest NuroKor ambassador, ultra-distance runner Damian Carr. In this QnA Damian shares his passion for long-distance running, and explains how NuroKor continues to help him with his training and recovery practices as he tackles elite events.

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International Hockey Player and Commonwealth Game Athlete Lewis Prosser in NuroKor's 'Meet the Ambassador' series

Lewis currently plays in midfield for Wales and Surbiton HC. Since the age of 18 he has accumulated 85 international caps to date. Having spent 2 years abroad playing in Spain and Belgium he is now back in the UK and playing for Surbiton HC. It has become a routine of Lewis’ to use NuroKor on his recovery days or in between sessions. 

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Microcurrent Stimulation Is an Effective Treatment Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Tennis elbow, also known as Lateral epicondylitis, describes an injury felt around the outer side of the elbow. It is related the overuse and subsequent micro-tears of the....

Dr Luigi Vorluni PhD Physiology

Head of Science & Physiology at NuroKor BioElectronics

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Can A NuroKor Device Really Ease Back Pain?

It’s a question we hear a lot. And the short answer? Yes, NuroKor is capable of relieving back pain.

Check out these alternative back pain treatment options and find out how NuroKor’s own technology works to relieve lower back pain (lumbar pain) and upper back pain...

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NuroKor + stretching can vastly improve visits to the Physio, a study suggests

Ready to supercharge your physical therapy? Find out how the NuroKor MiTouch works to improve physical therapy outcomes by improving range of motion in joints, improving muscle flexibility and reducing pain.