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Track and Field Coach John Shepherd Reviews EMS Training with NuroKor


Elite Track and Field Coach, John Shepherd discusses the value of electromuscular stimulation (EMS) and how it can enhance home training practices .John is also a health and fitness writer for an array of publications, including but not limited to Men's Fitness, Athletics Weekly, GQ, and Ultra-Fit. 

His video descriptor is written below:

EMS could be a key training aid at this time when most of us are on lock-down and can't get out to sprint properly and lift weights - EMS is proven to enhance speed, power and strength in a short time. As few as 3-4 sessions a week over 3-4 weeks could be all that is required. In the video, you'll find out about the history of EMS.

EMS has been around for over 60 years in the sporting context. The Soviets were pioneers of its use but it was notably taken up in the eighties by Charlie Francis coach to Ben Johnson. Francis was one of the first western track coaches to formulate the use of EMS. Okay, the Canadian coach did resort to illegal means to get the "best" out of his athletes - however, in many ways, Francis was ahead of his peers and many of his methods were ahead of his time - and are still highly valued currency today.

In this video, you'll gain an understanding as to how EMS works and also look at some contemporary research that indicates that it is a very creditable training methodology. Protocols for the use of EMS are also offered.

I also share my experience with a very accessible and useful piece of kit - the NuroKor Mi-Touch. This device has 4 "apps" which use various types of electrical signaling to achieve different ends - "massage", "pain management" and "sports performance enhancement".