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Start-up develops 'quadwave microcurrent' pain killing device

A hand-held device that uses ‘quadwave microcurrent’ technology has been developed by healthtech start-up

The device, the mitouch, applies three types of bioelectrical pulses through the skin: microcurrent (MCS), neuromuscular stimulation (NMS) and peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS).

The device comes with several sticky pads that attach to the affected area, so they can be used during the day, while relaxing or even while sleeping. Athletes and fitness fans use the device on certain settings while training for extra strength gains.

The pads deliver bioelectrical pulses through the skin. They can mimic the body's natural electrical microcurrent system, which helps cells to regenerate and repair and reduces inflammation. It treats pain by sending pulses through the skin to the nerve endings in the affected area, blocking pain signals from travelling to the brain.

The product is used by doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports scientists, well-known athletes and patients around the globe and is now available to buy online by the public.

It's used to treat chronic back pain, post-surgery pain, sports injuries, cramps, symptoms of MS and even headaches when applied to the neck area. Current ongoing research has shown it can help diabetic patients at risk of lower limb damage by increasing circulation to this area of the body.

The technology has been used by 2016 Olympic gold medallist Susanna Townsend MBE and Olympic medallist in equestrian Pippa Funnell MBE.

NuroKor CEO Rick Rowan quit his career in real estate to develop the technology when, several years ago, he was looking for a solution for a back problem he'd suffered from for 30 plus years, doctors told him to ‘just take Paracetamol' every day for the rest of his life. While looking for drug-free pain remedies, Rick came across research into bioelectric treatments and saw its potential.

He said: "I hope the mitouch can bring relief to millions of people - not just people with injuries and health conditions but also recreational sports people who want to rehabilitate their strains more quickly. I created earlier versions of the technology but through NuroKor we have developed the technology to create a new KorOS operating system, and there's no treatment like it in the world."


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