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Athletics Weekly: Guide to the latest in running technology

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NuroKor MiTouch

This neat device combines three clinically proven bioelectrical technologies for the treatment of pain while aiding recovery. These technologies can also speed up rehabilitation, increase strength and assist performance gains. 

Using bioelectrical stimulation by means of pads connected to the device, muscle groups and parts of the body can be targeted for treatment. The unit has several built-in programs, each one sending small electrical pulses through the body to help treat and relieve pain.

With five specific treatment plans pre-programmed each with a wide range of intensities, it's simple and straightforward to set up and use. A built-in time also helps to measure treatment intensities. The unit is rechargeable via USB, making it totally portable and convenient to use wherever you are.

During our time with the device so far it has been very effective, helping relieve tightness in a troublesome Achilles as well as ease stiffness in the hamstrings after a hard training session.