The Power of Health in Your Hands

The time is fast approaching when our first wellness choice will be to reach for the device, not the pills.

Discover the NuroKor Difference

  • Fast Acting

    MiBody targets pain at its source,  providing fast acting relief by penetrating  deep into the joint and tissues helping to ease aching, injured and sore muscles.

  • KorOS2 Dualwave Technology

    Combining  the latest advances in Peripheral Nerve (PNS) and Neuromuscular stimulation (NMS), MiBody is an effective pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment for joints, sprains, strains and bruises, as well as minor sports injuries.

  • Ultra Wearable

    The MiBody is a handy ultra-wearable travel partner.  It’s convenient, discreet and can be easily kept in the car, gym bag or briefcase. It's ultra-light and ultra-portable.

Welcome to Your Incredible

The NuroKor MiBody System provides effective, targeted pain relief, recovery and performance benefits to anyone at any age.

It's recommended for people like:

Sport and Fitness Enthusiasts, Office Workers and Professionals, Tradies, Truck Drivers and Plant Operators, Travellers, Motorcycle Riders and Horse Riders, Home Renovators, Small Business Owners, Nurses and Teachers, Athletes, Farmers, Golfers and Students

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How long does my NuroKor MiBody warranty last for?

NuroKor MiBody has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase covering manufacturing faults and 1 year warranty covering battery faults. 

How much is shipping?

All orders over $145 receive free express shipping to anywhere in Australia.  Otherwise standard or express shipping options vary depending on product and weight.

Can I get a rebate from my health insurance?

NuroKor medical devices are rebatable from a number of Health Insurance providers as they provide TENS and EMS frequencies in their range of modes.  Contact your Health Fund Provider for accurate information based on your own plan and level of coverage. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

Express post generally takes 1-3 working days. For standard post, we generally say around 5-7 working days.